Nier Automata cosplay nude 2b from Eva Elfie

Dizzy (literally) the beautiful sexy nude Niera Dildomata – Automata 🙂 fell in love with many. An excellent combination of dynamic battles and a character’s design that is pleasant to the eye, the ability to carry out combat techniques with hair and a cosplay costume from the heroine’s own hair – it’s hard not to remember!
In the role of Niera Dildomata – Eva Elfie, which, by the way, is not only a cosplayer, but also excellent pornstars.

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What is cosplay?

Squall from FFVIII a la russie “Costume game” – this is the translation of the English term “cosplay” (Costumed Play), invented in Japan. In a first approximation, many tend to attribute cosplay to a masquerade ball. Others believe that such a comparison is akin to the idea that anime is “Japanese cartoons,” and manga is “children’s comics.” Fundamental disputes in this regard, it seems, will never end, but there is a definition given by the founders of the genre. It is obvious, but everyone, in turn, is trying to formulate it in a more convenient and understandable form.

Cosplay is a kind of “theater” of anime characters, manga, Japanese video games, as well as historical Japanese costumes (kimono, samurai armor, etc.). In other words, the traditional definition of cosplay implies exclusively Japanese surroundings.

Foreign cosplayers say: “You have to prove that you – and only you – play your character better than anyone, you are he!” This statement sounds categorical, but in essence, it consists in the meaning of cosplay – the maximum correspondence to your character, the desire to “call” him onto the stage from the TV screen or a piece of manga, and to present to everyone as if it really exists.

Cosplay in Japan, as well as in many Western countries, developed in close cooperation with the community of science fiction and fantasy fans (in other words, fandom). Since the anime fandom did not always take cosplay for granted, enthusiasts adopted the experience of modeling costumes and the mastery of performance from representatives of the role-playing movement.

In the second half of the 1980s, foreign cosplay entered the international level in the form of special festivals (cosplay cones), as well as cosplay sections on the largest anime cones. Being essentially a fan art, cosplay abroad acquired a commercial connotation with the advent of manufacturers of costumes and paraphernalia for cosplay.

In turn, in Japan, cosplay managed to become part of the national culture and everyday life. For example, cosplay is held at video game presentations, at various national and children’s parties, at film festivals and various events, mainly devoted to anime.

Russian cosplay is still in its infancy, and exists mainly at the level of individual initiative. Enthusiasts choose their own suits for their own efforts, often sew and make paraphernalia with their own hands. The high cost of buying or making a high-quality costume is sometimes the main reason for the delay in the widespread distribution of cosplay in Russia.

This problem is familiar to participants in the role and reconstruction movement. At the same time, the historical disunity of the Russian anime fandom and the participants of role-playing games on the ground often affects. Representatives of the role-playing movement, as a rule, are directly familiar with the technology of making game suits, and some role-players take part in cosplay.

Dissociation affects not only the fandom level, but also partly within them. Serious flaws in the organization hinder the promotion of cosplay to a minimum level of festive events that can show the mass occurrence of cosplay and stimulate enthusiasts. Reconstruction clubs of Russia, in turn, have achieved some success in this field. For example, there are cases of official appearances at city holidays, participation in television programs.

Fortunately, in anime cosplay lately there have been significant shifts that cannot but rejoice. The level of complexity of costumes and the level of organization of cosplay parties are increasing … It is possible that we are on the verge of a major cosplay breakthrough. It is only important that the development is progressive, and the exchange of experience is continuous. Otherwise, the “new people” are doomed to repeat the mistakes made by the pioneers.